Sculpting Myths: Mjölnir

Last year, I made the decision to walk away from several other ventures to concentrate on my sculpting and bring my vision for Jivotica to life.  That vision is to create art that celebrates the human spirit and imagination as it finds expression through culture, myth and story.

Perhaps it is my Scandinavian blood, fired up by Thursday night’s season premier of Vikings but I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the first piece in my new line of relief and free-standing sculptures – Mjölnir: the Hammer of Thor.

My inspiration for this piece is a well-documented artifact found in Skåne, Sweden that is held in the collections at the Historical Museum in Stockholm. Although I put my own spin on this raven-headed hammer, I also wanted to remain true to the original. There have been many attempts to capture Mjolnir as wearable art, but I wanted to create something larger that could be framed and hung on the wall – something that looked like an artifact from an archeological dig.

Initially offered in two finishes – stone and steel – they are produced in durable stone/metal-infused resin, accented with a lowlight painting technique to bring out every detail and sealed to ensure a long life. Each piece is then mounted and showcased in a high-quality shadow box.


This piece is the first of many reliefs and sculptures in this line, a new addition to which will be unveiled at the end of every month along with information on any upcoming shows where you can see my work in person. Each piece will also be available at the Jivotica store on Etsy.


I’d love to hear what you all think of this piece, and welcome comments below.

~Aric Jorn

13 thoughts on “Sculpting Myths: Mjölnir

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I have loved your work for years and just love your attention to detail, and very high standards with your craftsmanship! You are a true inspiration. I can’t wait until the end of the month to see what you have in store for “us” the viewer!


  2. Wow!!! These are amazingly tantalizing my scandinavian ancestors:) Thank you for your sharing! Would you mind if I posted in my Lifeclass ‘ A holistic approach to creativity?’ I would give you access and credit…. This is amazing!


    1. Thank you, Crowningshield. I’m happy that they spoke to you. Feel free to share with your group (I would enjoy learning more about it – sounds quite interesting.)


    1. Thank you very much, Amanda. I clicked through to see your work as well – I spend two days a week decorating plates and other pottery for The Henry Ford here in the US and it was a joy to see your work.


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