Sculpting Myths: Buddha

April placed an unusual number of demands on my time that made it difficult to blog as often as planned. Despite this, my work has continued and I would like to present the third piece in my “Sculpting Myth” series, Buddha: The Awakened One.


This piece is actually two reliefs fused together, fashioned of cold-cast metals and resin-infused stone in various combinations to achieve several different looks.


My Inspiration for Buddha: The Awakened One

Buddhism has long provided a source of inspiration for me and I have incorporated several of its practices (such as meditation) into my life.

As with many early traditions, symbolism in Buddhist art is highly nuanced, its meaning often missed by those unfamiliar with it. For instance, each mudra or hand gesture of the Buddha represents an important Buddhist teaching. For those interested, here is a great article that outlines ten of the most common mudras.

When I decided to leave the traditional career path and strike out on my own as an artist-entrepreneur, it was not without trepidation. The Buddhist idea of living in the present moment while rejecting fear and worry about the future did much to give me the courage to keep moving forward in the face of uncertainty.

With this in mind, I chose the Abhaya mudra. Abhaya is sandskrit for fearlessness and the open-palm hand gesture represents protection, peace and a sense of deep inner calm in the face of fear and uncertainty. It is the perfect symbol for me as I continue my own artistic journey and, in sharing this piece, I hope others will find it equally inspirational, seeing their own potential reflected back upon them and realizing there is nothing to fear.


Like the Yggdrasil piece I unveiled in early April, Buddha: The Awakened One is 10 inches in diameter. It can be hung as a plaque and is also available framed in a high quality shadowbox. Each Buddha is hand detailed, weathered and sealed for a long life, stamped on the back and accompanied by a signed certificate.

Produced in the USA with materials supplied by local, small businesses and offered to the world in humble gratitude. Available as always at the Jivotica Etsy store.

~Aric Jorn

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