The Longship has been Launched


After many delays, the button was finally pushed last night and is currently migrating to its new host (from Word Press to its new home on Weebly). I am told this process will take 24-48 hours to complete. Consequently, this is the last post I will have here.

The URL ( will remain the same and those following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy, etc. will likewise be unaffected by the change. It is only those who chose to follow me directly on this blog that will need to re-opt in once the newly designed site has propagated in order to continue receiving email alerts when I have a new blog posted.

My first blog entry on the new platform will be posted on Friday and will be titled “A Journey of Self Discovery.” So, if this pops up in your email box on Friday, you don’t need to do anything. If it doesn’t, simply go to and re-follow the blog and that should fix it for you.

My reason for the switch is simple – I wanted to add a free-standing storefront, membership/subscription functions and an integrated newsletter as well as several other exciting new features that WordPress does not currently offer.

I am extremely excited about the new site and have many plans for it in 2018. It will offer many new opportunities for those who follow and collect my work as well as those with a general interest in Norse mythology and the Viking Age. I hope you will all join me on this journey.


2 thoughts on “The Longship has been Launched

  1. Sounds great – and did you get my phone message about Norwegian Forest cat order? Can I get before Christmas ?

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Hello, Funkybeadz.

      I have not wanted to make it an official announcement, but two unfortunate events rocked my family (one in late September and another in October) and threw a sizable wrench into my production plans.

      I did manage to launch my new Mini Myth line (subscriptions for which are available on the new site) as well as introduce the first three pieces in a modest line of Viking-themed Yuletide ornaments, but the four pieces I currently have sitting in my studio simply had to be put on hold through December. So, much to my personal dissatisfaction, they will not be shipping before year’s end.

      The good news is that Freya’s Cats (the third piece in my “Mythic Pairs” series) will be the first piece completed. Having had so many challenges this year, I’ve stopped making promises, but I have every reason to hope it will be released in early January.

      Until then, thank you for your continued interest in my work and best wishes to you and yours for a joyful yuletide.

      ~Aric Jorn


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