Would you like to discuss a product, commission or proposal? Do you have any questions about my work or a suggestion for a future project? Please drop me an email or call directly:

(313) 530-0306

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi! I was visiting Greenfield Village today. I stopped in the pottery building and saw a beautiful large plate with an ivory background and a green Christmas tree design using sgraffito. I went to all of the gift shops hoping to purchase it. I was unable to find it and was told that there was a possibility that you may make another one before Christmas. Would it be possible for me to request one to purchase??

    Thank you for your consideration,


    1. Hello, Beth and thank you for your kind words. My Christmas tree sgraffito design does enjoy a lot of attention at the pottery and they usually sell within a day or two of arriving at the gift shop. I will be making a couple more in October/November and can put your name on one. That said, the gift shop is actually operated by a separate company and in my experience, not all reservations are acknowledged, but I’ll see what I can do.


  2. Hi Aric,
    Just received Hugin ‘n Mugin, they both flew in,
    safe ‘n sound today, they arrived in fine fettle, uh, feather?… this early afternoon and are now
    ensconced in the ” hideout “, right across from
    my tiny back cabin writing desk, where they’ll
    oversee our scribbling madness as well as add
    a much needed dash of elegance and wisdom
    to our ambience if not to our scribbling efforts…
    Thanks so much, Aric, your unpronounceable, but lovely tree and hammer will be next, we do hope, and with any luck at all, perhaps even a
    beautiful Viking long ship/boat prow as well…

    Bee well, friend Aric, stay warm in Deetroit City…


  3. I saw your tree of life sculpture at the E. Lansing art fair and would like to order it if possible for my daughters birthday. Are you able to ship it? If so what would be the total price with tax and shipping? If not are you going to be at any other art shows near E Lansing in the near future. She saw your photos and liked the copper one. Thank you for
    any information you can provide.


    1. Hello, Jan. I’m glad you like my work.

      Yes, I ship worldwide. You will find all my available work on ETSY ( Pricing (including shipping costs) will be found there as well.

      If you have specific questions, start a convo with me through the listing on ETSY that you are interested in and I can assist you privately there. I have a copper Yggdrasil in hand and could ship it as early as Friday if you are in a rush.



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