Welcome to the Jivotica Gallery. Here you will find images and information about my work. Clicking on any current item will link directly to Jivotica’s  Etsy store. Clicking on images of backordered or commissioned samples will link you to blog posts about the item and/or a larger picture.

ORIGINAL Work currently AVAILABLE for purchase:

Odins_Ravensprow-sneak peek




Buddha-coppr-on-bronze-1Buddha-BronzeBuddha-Bronze-on-stoneBuddha-framedJivotica-Mjolnir-stone1sm Jivotica-Mjolnir-steel1sm



FAN ART currently AVAILABLE for purchase:


Items Currently on BACKORDER:


Featured examples of COMMISSIONED pieces:

Dracula Cameo TRIO

If you are interested in commissioning an original sculpture – from chocolates to trophies to lawn statuary – I’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

2 thoughts on “Shop

    1. Hello S’teve.

      I want to thank you for your interest in my work, your continued patronage and your feedback. I understand your disappointment concerning the delayed release of the third offering in the Mythic Pairs series. I offer my apologies to you and the many others who are awaiting its release. My studio has been working at full capacity all year to fill existing orders and, coupled with an unusually busy show season, I simply have not had enough time in my studio to sculpt new work. I have also been obliged to completely overhaul my Web site. Although this is an exciting step which will include my own onsite store and many other new features, it was a huge and unexpected drain on my time and resources. All I can tell you is that Freya’s Cats are nearly complete and will be available to order (along with several other new pieces) in November/December. So, barring any major setbacks, the third in the series will be hanging on your wall before year’s end.

      Thanks again for your feedback.


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