No Viking Left Behind

Following an extremely busy art show season and struggling with the limitations of my current Web site, I have decided to switch Web platforms to better serve my growing tribe of patrons, collectors and supporters.

What does this mean for you?  If you currently follow my blog at and want to continue doing so, you will need to journey with me to my new web platform. The domain name ( will actually remain the same, but you will no longer receive updates from the previous platform (WordPress) once this switch is made and will need to re-follow me on the new platform to ensure you continue to receive my communications.

The transition will happen in about a week and I am sharing this with you all now to ensure no viking is left behind.  I will post here again once the site and the blog have landed in their new home and share with you all the exciting new features that will be available.

~Aric Jorn

2 thoughts on “No Viking Left Behind

    1. Hello and thank you for your continued interest in my work.

      Although I chose not to make a formal announcement, a family tragedy in late September has thrown off my production schedule. While this means that some pieces (like the Norns and Odin statues that many are anxiously waiting on) will be delayed well into first quarter of 2018, I do still hope to have the Freya’s Cats piece completed and shipping in time for Christmas. I will also be introducing a modest line of Norse-themed ornaments in early December.

      The newly revised web site will (barring further setbacks) launch next week and with it several new ways to interact with me and my work including a membership opportunity that will allow my strongest supporters to play a role in guiding the order in which I release new pieces. The launch of this new site will also introduce my new line of “Mini Myths” and a “Myth of the Month” club.

      So, many exciting developments on the way – never as quickly as I would like.

      Please stay tuned!
      ~Aric Jorn


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